ATUMprotocol: the first application launched is ATUMchain.

ATUMchain is a decentralized P2P platform with support for various blockchains.
ATUMchain is a platform running on distributed independent nodes that allows you to perform cross-transaction transactions between different blockchains.

At the first stage, cross-transactions between NEM and Ethereum blockchains are implemented. During November, the opportunity to make transactions in the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Omniprotocol (Tehter) blockchains will be added.

During October, the platform will support transactions in testnet of the corresponding blockchains, and since November in the mainntet.

The platform performs p2p transactions using client’s multi-subscription wallets. Thus, the platform does not own the client’s funds.

Clints can make sure that the platform performs P2P transactions without using central counterparties and various tokens / moents through the appropriate explorer blockchain:

Ethereum: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/

NEM: bob.nem.ninja:8765/